Shadow’s Keeper

I designed a desktop wallpaper inspired by the song Shadow’s Keeper by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (B.R.M.C.). For your reference, a video of the song is located at the end of the post.

The Rationale:

Like most of BRMC’s songs, “Shadow’s Keeper” is quite moody, thought-provoking, and a little bit dark. On top of the obvious shadow inspiration, I was also drawn to the idea of incorporating the cold look and feel of concrete and the angular lines of modern architecture. The stark nature of these elements seems to echo the feeling of the song quite well.

There is a line in the song that says, “You’re holding on to all the branches crashing, it’s pulling you in, but you feel the light shine so bright.” I interpreted these lyrics visually by creating a vacuum of sorts using different elements of concrete architecture. I then used several photos of trees and branches to represent the “branches crashing in.” They have been treated to appear glowing like light.

I chose to highlight three particularly interesting lines from the song. They are set in an old-style typeface. This style seems to fit well with the sweet delivery of the lyrics. These three lines say:

  1. “You’re holding on to all the branches crashing in.”
  2. “What is the purpose if you feel so incomplete?”
  3. “What is the reason if it beats you to your knees?”

The Song:

A Closer Look:


Sidenote #1: I have to add that the  photos I used for this project were taken as part of my college photography class. They were taken with a black-and-white film camera, developed by hand, and scanned in for use in this project. I’m glad I could finally find a use for them. :)

Sidenote #2: The desktop wallpaper design in this post was created by me for the Studio One-Sixteen blog. Please do not claim it as your own. 

Sidenote #3: When I get around to optimizing this for different screen resolutions, I’ll post an update. Then you’ll actually be able to decorate your devices with it! …I’ll work on it.

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