Mother’s Day 2013

Howdy, everyone! I haven’t seen many mother’s day gift round-ups out there this year, so I decided to make my own. They always seem to help me pick a gift when I’ve completely run out of ideas. Hopefully this will help you gift-giving stragglers out there. …Mother’s Day is this Sunday, by the way!

This particular round-up is for the mom’s who are being health conscious by eating healthy foods, but also like a little treat every once in a while. …doesn’t everybody?

For the health conscious part of this post, I included some supplies for mom to carry her homemade, healthy lunches to work with her. Both the lunch bag and reusable baggies are actually DIYs, but you could always go purchase some cute supplies as well. As for the desserts, I included two chocolate-y delights. I recently discovered the spiced molten chocolate cake recipe on The Kitchen Paper blog, so I can’t vouch for its goodness yet. …although it looks delicious; I can’t imagine it not being good. The red velvet mini cheesecakes, on the other hand, have been a favorite recipe of mine for a while. I can tell you they are always a hit! …I usually leave out the red food coloring though; I feel like it makes things taste a bit artificial… But, if you’re a red velvet loyalist, add it on in there!