The Awesome Project


So, check out that necklace! It’s part of The Awesome Project; a collaboration between illustrator  Madalina Andronic and designer Claudiu Stefan. All the pieces are made of porcelain and are handpainted in a style influenced by Romanian folklore. I just love the folk art look! It reminds me of German fraktur and scherenschnitte and, therefore, it makes me happy :). …If you’re interested, I’ve written about my love of German Fraktur here.

AwesomeProject2 AwesomeProject3 AwesomeProject4 AwesomeProject5 AwesomeProject6 AwesomeProject7

By the way, while I’m only showcasing the necklaces from the project here, they also make bracelets, rings, vases, and more.

Just Plain Pretty: Tranquil


Isn’t this photo just the embodiment of tranquil? The muted peach background; the silky, nude tank top; the calm look on the woman’s face; the beautiful, loose braid… not to mention the simple, yet oh-so-unique turquoise and gold necklace. Alright, let’s be real here, the necklace is the true star of this photo, but in the most subtle of ways.

Here is how I’m dreaming of wearing that necklace. As you can see, it’s summer in my dream. This way there are none of those pesky winter layers to impede on the necklace’s simplistic beauty. …and I miss summer, ok?

Lizzie Fortunato Jewelry

Lately I’ve been thinking about starting a hobby; something that doesn’t require a computer. As a graphic designer, I spend a lot of time on the computer designing things in Photoshop or Illustrator, scouring the web for inspiration, checking my email, keeping track of my project hours… You name it, most all of what I do revolves around a computer. It’s not that I don’t love it, it’s just that it can get a little tiresome. I think it would be nice to mix things up and not look at a screen for a while.

I’ve been pinning a lot of jewelry inspiration on my Pinterest boards lately, so I’m thinking now might be the time to pick it back up. When I was younger, I made jewelry. The jewelry wasn’t really anything magnificent, but I had a good time doing it. Fortunately, because of this, I still have a lot of jewelry-making supplies that could come in quite handy for this little venture.

I’ve really been drawn to the jewelry of Lizzie Fortunato; a jewelry line created and run by twin sisters, Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato. Apparently, their business was started out of their college dorm room! …I love it! I also love that their designs are so different than most jewelry pieces. It’s like they took the jewelry-making rule book and tossed it right out the window. To top it all off, the sisters are pretty darn adorable. {see below}


via Madewell Musings

They build pieces from stones, leather, gold findings, crystals, chains, and feathers to create true statement makers. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some of this uninhibited creative freedom and infuse it into my jewelry-making… I’ll let you know how it goes.

Below are some of my favorites from their past collections. Although, you ought to know that it was really hard for me to choose just these few. If you want to see more of their work, check out their website. They also have a pretty awesome blog.


Left: original image via here; Right: original image via


Lizzie Fortunato Case Study necklace, original image via Shopbop


Lizzie Fortunato Mesa II necklace, original image via Shopbop


original image via here


Lizzie Fortunato Trailblazer necklace; original image via Shopbop

What do you say, do you enjoy Lizzie Fortunato’s take on jewelry design?