I discovered a truly unique and creative blog post over at Design*Sponge a while ago. It’s part of Sound Garden; a series of posts in which the folks at Design*Sponge take inspiration from album covers to create floral arrangements that have a similar look and feel. Cool, right?

Recently, in the Sound Garden series, they created a floral arrangement based on the album art for “Elephant” by the White Stripes. The White Stripes are my favorite band, so the post got my attention as soon as I saw the cover art for “Elephant.” Anyway, Design*Sponge drew inspiration for their floral arrangement from the design, composition, and color palette of the album art. They also considered the sound of the music on the album, the feel or mood that this sound creates, and the history of the White Stripes.

This post is super interesting, especially if you’re a White Stripes fan. But, it’s also educational; it’s an excellent refresher on design principles and I learned where the name of the album, “Elephant,” came from! Head on over to Design*Sponge to find out for yourself.

Below is the the floral arrangement based on the album “Elephant.” I think Design*Sponge nailed it with the color palette, composition, and overall mood. I love how the branch in the floral arrangement echoes the placement of Jack’s shadow in the album cover. Also, the black table on which the arrangement is placed resembles the heavy black shadow that surrounds the left and bottom of the album’s composition.

For an easier comparison, here’s a look at the cover art and the floral arrangement side-by-side:


Modern Geometric

I pinned this photo to my “For the Home” Pinterest board so long ago. I envisioned that I would paint a wall of my bedroom with a similar geometric motif. Of course, I haven’t gotten around to that yet, but I did finally find the original source of the photo: a blog called Weekday Carnival! I’m currently perusing the rest of the blog; it’s filled with equally beautiful images of home interiors and other randomness. This blog will definitely be going on my ever-growing blogroll.

In Technicolor

My parents designed and built the house we lived in when I was younger. I had big aspirations for the house while they were designing it. One of which was a purple polka-dotted front door. You know, normal things. One of my more ordinary hopes for the house was a window seat for my room. I envisioned sitting, staring out the window, and daydreaming for hours. The window seat never happened, but I still love the idea of window seats in general. This photograph caught my eye for two reasons: one, because its subject is a window seat and two, because of the lovely juxtaposition between the neon-ish “technicolor” sign and the natural, tree-filled outdoors.

After initially falling in love with this dreamy window seat photograph, I found so many images on Pinterest that had a similar feel and colors. You can find some of my favorites below. Click the images to navigate to the original sources. …sorry, some of them are just links to the photo on Pinterest.

technicolor2.2technicolor3.2_02 technicolor4 technicolor6.2 technicolor7.2technicolor8.2

Here’s a nice little outfit inspired by the window seat photo. It’s comfy and relaxed enough for daydreaming, but sophisticated enough for big aspirations. I love how the orange script on that Marc Jacobs sweatshirt echos the orange type of the “technicolor” sign. The green necklace is reminiscent of the greenery of the wooded outdoors. The wedges and shorts echo the mid-century modern feel of the window seat image. (I can’t help it, whenever I see that burnt orange color combined with natural wood, I think mid-century modern.)


Vintage Goodness

Just some vintage goodness to get you pumped up for the rest of the week. Robert Redford on a dirt bike, James Dean learning some ballet, and Audrey Hepburn doing some shopping with a baby deer. How awesome is that!? …be sure to click through the images. They link to even more great photos and a nice bit of information about them.


Robert Redford; via The Selvedge Yard; photo by Orlando Globey ca. 1972

Just Plain Pretty

For my final project of the graphic design sequence in college, I designed an identity for a hypothetical cosmetics company called Brave Face. While designing the project, I was very inspired by the photos that follow. They were taken by photographer Andreas Ohlund as part of a photo shoot for Elle Sweden. Frida Gustavsson is the model featured in the photos.

I just rediscovered them on Pinterest and knew I had to share! If you enjoy these shots as much as I do, be sure to check out Andreas Ohlund’s portfolio. Also, see more images from this shoot.

Weather the Storm

I love this photo! For me, it serves as a reminder that there is no perfect time to accomplish something wonderful. Sometimes we have to decide to do something and do it; make no excuses. I’m sure whoever designed this beautiful table setting was not expecting it to have to weather a storm, but here it is doing just that gracefully.

If we truly commit ourselves to accomplishing our goals, cast aside what others may think, and just do what we need to do, we can weather even the most torrential of metaphorical (or actual) downpours. On top of that, we can do so beautifully. …I need to remember this.

Dearest Spring,


images via Pinterest: donkey, dresses, necklace, chair; “Dearest Spring” typography by me

Hot pink, searing chartreuse, lime green, and bold turquoise. These colors seem so opposite to the snow-covered and barren winter world outside my window right now. That must be why I’ve been so drawn to them lately. I’m ready for the warmth and brightness of spring!

Even so, today I went outside to fill the bird feeders and, to my surprise, it was pretty warm! I decided to walk around for a bit, then I went all-in and jogged for a while! I haven’t been jogging outside since this fall. I’ve been using an elliptical machine since the cold set in and, believe me, it’s just not the same. Even with the snow crunching beneath my feet and the crisp wind against my face, it felt great to get out and moving!

I listened to The Kills Pandora station for a little jogging motivation. The station is awesome anyway, but it makes for pretty good workout music too!

One of my favorite songs by The Kills is At the Back of the Shell. Have a listen: