I discovered a truly unique and creative blog post over at Design*Sponge a while ago. It’s part of Sound Garden; a series of posts in which the folks at Design*Sponge take inspiration from album covers to create floral arrangements that have a similar look and feel. Cool, right?

Recently, in the Sound Garden series, they created a floral arrangement based on the album art for “Elephant” by the White Stripes. The White Stripes are my favorite band, so the post got my attention as soon as I saw the cover art for “Elephant.” Anyway, Design*Sponge drew inspiration for their floral arrangement from the design, composition, and color palette of the album art. They also considered the sound of the music on the album, the feel or mood that this sound creates, and the history of the White Stripes.

This post is super interesting, especially if you’re a White Stripes fan. But, it’s also educational; it’s an excellent refresher on design principles and I learned where the name of the album, “Elephant,” came from! Head on over to Design*Sponge to find out for yourself.

Below is the the floral arrangement based on the album “Elephant.” I think Design*Sponge nailed it with the color palette, composition, and overall mood. I love how the branch in the floral arrangement echoes the placement of Jack’s shadow in the album cover. Also, the black table on which the arrangement is placed resembles the heavy black shadow that surrounds the left and bottom of the album’s composition.

For an easier comparison, here’s a look at the cover art and the floral arrangement side-by-side: