Water and Hopscotching

2013-05-27 19.18.32

The holiday weekend culminated in a torrential downpour here. Water rushed through our yard in small rivers and filled our pond to the brim. This is such a contrast from last year in which we endured a severe drought that sucked our pond to a shockingly low level. Oh, the midwest; if it’s not one extreme it’s another.

These are some lovely pictures I took after this weekend’s downpour. During my walk, there was a ridiculous number of worms scattered all over the road. I literally had to step around them. I’m sure it was pretty hilarious to see me hopscotching down the road.

2013-05-27 19.18.37 2013-05-27 19.21.30 2013-05-27 19.25.29 2013-05-27 19.25.32

Daily Mementos 05.20.13

Just a few photographic mementos from my daily life… Beautiful blooms on our dogwood tree, Zoe-the-cat hiding so she doesn’t have to go outside, a robin that’s made its nest in the most unusual of places, and a family of geese on our pond.



Alright guys, obviously winter storm Virgil happened a while ago. I originally published this post on March 23, in fact. You guessed it; this post is another one that I’m transitioning from my old blog to this one. …there will only be a couple more of these, I promise :). Ok, now back to the original post:

Today it snowed. …a lot. Like, I’m fairly certain we hit the 10-inch mark, a lot. This is kind of funny because it’s now officially spring. Also because two days ago I was making fun of the name that the National Weather Service has given this winter storm; Virgil. At the time, I thought, “How much havoc can a winter storm with a mild-mannered name like Virgil create?” …well, apparently, a fair amount.

The truth is that I’ve always loved a good snow storm. There’s something about being isolated from the rest of the world by a thick, pure blanket of snow that’s incredibly soothing. It’s as if by sealing off the rest of the world, the snow allows you to forget about the pressures of everyday life for a while and just relax.

It’s also probably because I associate snowstorms with days off from school. One of my favorite winter sounds when I was younger was the familiar scraping of the snowplow’s blade across the road next to our house. This made me think that if the roads were bad enough to call out the snowplows, they might be bad enough to cause school cancellations. Unfortunately, there are no snow days when you’re an adult… Although, there might be one for me if my car is unable to traverse the roads tomorrow morning. I guess we shall see…


This picture will give you an idea of just how much snow we actually got. I was a little sad to see the snow being plowed from our driveway. It was as if the connection to the outside world was reopening.