Black & Yellow: A Fashion Moment (Part 2)

Remember my post on the black and yellow color combination? Well, I just couldn’t leave the black and yellow topic alone without making an outfit set. So, here it is! I decided to bring in some blue as an accent color with the tee shirt as well. …and how about those studded sandals from Zara? Epic, huh? They would be fantastic for all kinds of summer events.


A Nice Little Moment: Juxtapose

This mirror is amazing! It would be amazing on its own, straight out of the box. But, the juxtaposition it creates with its environment is what makes it truly special and memorable. This juxtaposition is definitely a nice little moment.

The classic architectural elements of the room in which this modern mirror is hanging could be described as elegant and formal with its rounded moulding and decorative carving. It could even be considered somewhat soft when compared with the harsh, sharp angular forms of the mirror. While these differing qualities make for a stark contrast, the room and the mirror still coexist wonderfully well. To go all type nerd on you, the classic interior is to the modern mirror what an old style serif typeface is to a modern sans-serif typeface; the perfect complement.

Here is what I would wear if I were kickin’ it in this room:


1. Top 2. Pants 3. Necklace 4. Clutch 5. Pumps

Just Plain Pretty: Black-and-White Grid

The inspiration photo for this edition of Just Plain Pretty reminds me of the inspiration photo used in the last of edition of Just Plain Pretty (see it here). They are both images of vintage, imperfect, and grungy grid-based design. While the former had a beautiful pastel color palette that was reminiscent of the new spring season and called out for a flirty outfit made up of springy colors, the starker palette of this grungy grid calls for a rougher outfit aesthetic. Ironically, the black and white also reflects the rough and stormy weather we’ve been having here in the midwest.

Anyway, here is my attempt at recreating the rough aesthetic of the inspiration photo in an outfit set:

How about the design of those Rag & Bone jeans? The black-and-white color palette and the angular design of the insets reflects the look and feel of the inspiration photo perfectly! To highlight the awesomeness of the jeans, I kept the rest of the outfit simple with a gray tank and a black, crocheted vest. The black Elizabeth & James ankle boots are clean and sleek calling to mind the inspiration photo’s grid-based layout. They are oh-so-beautiful, but understated enough to allow the jeans to shine.

Just Plain Pretty: Grid + Tile

It’s no secret that graphic designers love grids. Grids keep everything organized which allows for easier readability and, therefore, understanding on behalf of the audience. Think about it; when bits of related information are tossed randomly about a page, the audience has to guess the order in which to view elements. They may miss things, go in the wrong order, or just get annoyed and not finish reading. By using a grid to lay out page elements, the pieces are arranged in a logical way. This allows the audience to simply follow the natural flow of the grid; the information will be viewed and in an enjoyable manner.

Grids are mathematical and geometric in nature, but that doesn’t mean that pieces aligned on a grid have to be clean, angular, and modern to match. Sometimes a grid can be used to organize information and visual elements with handmade, rugged, or vintage qualities. While a design with a handmade feel laid out on a grid may seem like a juxtaposition, it can create a beautiful and striking effect like the tile pictured above.

A couple of other things I’m loving about the tile photo; the grunginess and that faded color palette! …dreamy.

The first thing I thought of after seeing the tile photo was the Lizzie Fortunato necklace featured in the outfit set below. I mean, the peachy-pink color and the frayed edges? It matches the look and feel of the tile photo perfectly! The faded and ripped jeans allude to the grungy quality of the tile photo and bring in the blue hues of its color palette.


Tank Top, / Jeans, New Look / Necklace, Lizzie Fortunato; Flats, Sam Edelman via


A closer look at the inspiration photo and the outfit side-by-side.