Water and Hopscotching

2013-05-27 19.18.32

The holiday weekend culminated in a torrential downpour here. Water rushed through our yard in small rivers and filled our pond to the brim. This is such a contrast from last year in which we endured a severe drought that sucked our pond to a shockingly low level. Oh, the midwest; if it’s not one extreme it’s another.

These are some lovely pictures I took after this weekend’s downpour. During my walk, there was a ridiculous number of worms scattered all over the road. I literally had to step around them. I’m sure it was pretty hilarious to see me hopscotching down the road.

2013-05-27 19.18.37 2013-05-27 19.21.30 2013-05-27 19.25.29 2013-05-27 19.25.32

New York & London Double-Exposed

In film photography, a double exposure is created when a photograph is taken and the role of film is not advanced, either purposely or otherwise, before the next image is taken. This means that the same piece of film is exposed twice resulting in one image superimposed on top of another. This technique can be used to combine two very different images into one frame to create symbolic meaning, juxtaposition, or just a lovely and interesting composition.

The double exposures featured in this post were taken and edited with a more modern means of photographic equipment; the iPhone. The artist, Daniella Zalcman, says she finds the iPhone to be “liberating” since it’s so “simple and spontaneous” compared to the standard DSLR cameras that most modern photographers use.




I love these images not only because of the beautiful juxtaposition between New York and London, but also the surprising equipment used to create them. It’s amazing how, in the right hands, even a point-and-shoot iPhone camera can be used to create magnificent pieces of art.

If you love these images as much as I do, be sure to head over to Design Observer to see the original post with more pieces. See even more pieces from the series on Ms. Zalcman’s Istagram. And, if you’re interested, you can purchase some limited edition prints on Kickstarter.

Weather the Storm

I love this photo! For me, it serves as a reminder that there is no perfect time to accomplish something wonderful. Sometimes we have to decide to do something and do it; make no excuses. I’m sure whoever designed this beautiful table setting was not expecting it to have to weather a storm, but here it is doing just that gracefully.

If we truly commit ourselves to accomplishing our goals, cast aside what others may think, and just do what we need to do, we can weather even the most torrential of metaphorical (or actual) downpours. On top of that, we can do so beautifully. …I need to remember this.